The Benefits of Yoga

When I moved to Tampa, I wanted to do different activities to meet new people. I am a people person who loves to talk, socialize and make new friends. I did my research about the city, workouts, activities, nightlife, and found a yoga class that was open to everyone on Sundays at 6:00pm. The name was already attractive – Yoga in the Park! “Hmm, this definitely sounds interesting. I will  meet new people and at the same time do some stretching and relaxation.”, I thought. Also, my cardiologist was always telling me that I needed to do some yoga and meditation to manage my energy, hahaha! So, I decided to go.

Yoga in the Park at Curtis Hixon Park! Classes on Sundays at 6:00pm

The class is at the Curtis Hixon Park in Downtown Tampa which is a gorgeous area surrounded by the river. Perfect spot to relax! Well, the funny part is that in a yoga class it is mandatory to be quiet and focused…talking it NOT ALLOWED! So much for someone who wanted to meet new people, ah! But, what I really was not expecting is that I would love the class so much and feel so good after we finished. That was the moment I fell in love with yoga! I am a very energetic girl who deals with atrial fibrillation every day. I am always on the run and looking for something new, but realized that even if I was feeling fine, I needed to take time to relax, decompress. 

Yoga has been used as an alternative form of exercise to keep the mind and body healthy and happy. It helps you to increase flexibility, strengthen and protect your spine, improve your posture, relieve anxiety and stress, boost your self-esteem, improve your breathing, normalize your weight, improve sexual function, sleep well, improve your heart rate, etc. The list of the yoga benefits is extensive, so I invite you to continue researching more about it. Most of the gyms or yoga studios offer a first/trial class for free, so call them and book a class, you will not regret it.

For me, practicing yoga in a no-brainer…it is a time that I dedicate to myself and my well-being.


Yoga 2

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