Who said Straw Bags?!

I love to go online and browse for outfits or do some shopping!, Lol, who doesn’t, right? So, lately I’ve been seeing these beautiful bags with all kind of outfits and I couldn’t resist to research a little more about them. Who does not love a perfect tote, clutch or bag to match every outfit? We do!…and nothing better than having a new alternative…the straw bags!

Years ago a straw bag was mostly reserved for picnic baskets or beach totes, but these bags have transitioned so well that now you can even try to wear them with your daily outfits…specially for the summer! It all started at the Paris Fashion Week when Jeanne Damas – the French Girl Cool and IT girl – showed up casting a rustic bag with her black dress. Every Fashion Week brings an variety of new trends, but everybody was surprised with her “out of the box” look…that now is trendy everywhere.

While it is always good to pry your leather bag for your daily use, the straw material is a lighter option that freshen up your look and makes an easy seasonal transition. Over the rest of the summer and beginning of the fall you will noticed the rustic straw bags became the IT accessory to hold. You will find them in different styles and sizes, from totes to clutch bags, combined with raffia and decorated with flowers and fruits.

Oh my God! I am so in love with these bags that I want to share with you the ones I found online. I am not going to lie to you, I ordered some of them, too! Yeeyy! Now, the question is: are you adventurous enough to try this new trend? I hope you are! Go, get out of the box, like Jeanne did, and match your outfit with a straw bag. Don’t forget to share your photos with me!


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