The new Fountain of Youth…Collagen!

If you happen to visit the state of Florida, you need to make a stop at the beautiful city of St. Augustine. This city is not only antique, beautiful and full of places to eat, it also owns the Fountain of Youth as it was named by Juan Ponce de León. At the Reserve Park, you can sample the waters of the natural springs.

Since the Fountain of Youth is just symbolic, we are always looking for products to keep us healthier, more active, younger and promotes wellness. A few years ago, I was experiencing a little bit of energy loss, hair loss, scratchy nails and dry skin. So, I was talking to my personal stylist about it and she recommended me to start taking a collagen supplement in a daily basis. Really? I asked her. “Yes, and I have the perfect product for that”, she responded. And guess what? I bought it. I was hoping that the purple, white and yellow bottle would be the solution to my problems – As a responsible person, I always consult my primary care doctor before starting any supplement – So, when I got the “good to go”, I started taking two ounces daily as instructed, and long story short I am still taking it. It has become my Fountain of Youth! My hair started to grow, felt more active, nails got stronger, my skin does not look dry anymore and it also helped with my menstrual period symptoms. Oh yes!

Collagen is the new wellness buzzword on everyone’s lips and it can now be found in just about everything – creams, pills, supplement products, cosmetics, etc. Also, there is a variety of foods that help to boost the body’s production of collagen. As I researched more about it, I learned that collagen is in the muscles, joints, skin, bones, cartilages and ligaments. But it does slow down with age and lifestyles, so it helps to add a little extra serving on your daily supplements. Collagen promotes skin elasticity, hold together your bones and muscles, protect your organs, supports weight loss and strengthens hair and nails.

Still looking for the Fountain of Youth? I found mine! Try it!


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At Fashion Squad we are not doctors or health practitioners, so we are not promoting any specific collagen product. We recommend that you consult your doctor before taking any dietary or collagen supplement.


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