Hydrating Serum anyone?

As many million women in the United States, I am subscribed to #Ipsy. It is a very popular subscription, that sends you a beauty #glambag with samples in a monthly basis, based on a profile that you create. Ok, let’s stop here! if you want to know more about Ipsy, stay tuned because we will dedicate a whole blog post to this subscription.

With that being said, let’s change the subject to what got me to write this post. In the May #glambag, I received a hydrating #serum sample called Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum made by #FirstAidBeauty. By the time I got the #glambag, I was preparing my luggage to travel to Puerto Rico, so it was convenient because the tube was traveling size. Then, I told myself “let’s take it and try it during the trip. If it is good it will provide me the hydration I need in a tropical weather.”

I used the serum during my skin care routine every day for almost a month and I loved it! I definitely have NO REGRETS! This hydrating serum leaves the skin super soft and smooth…and if you are running like crazy and don’t have much time to waste, you can apply it right before the makeup because the water-based formula absorbs very quickly. To make more perfect, this serum is loaded with calming ingredients like colloidal oatmeal and aloe leaf juice, so it is great for all skin types…yes, I said all skin types!!…even sensitive.

So, if you are like me always looking for the perfect #serum and #moisturizer, STOP now! Visit www.firstaidbeauty.com and get you the Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum. Oh, and I already tried the Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer, so the combination of both products is the BOMB!

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Hydrating SerumUltra Moisturizer

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