UV Protection

July is the UV Protection Awareness month, so I wanted to dedicate this post to talk about it. We all love #summer because is a great time to go out, spend time at the #beach and get a beautiful tanning, but it is also a little bit dangerous if we do not protect ourselves correctly.

The #sun supports life on our planet, but its rays primary danger is in the form of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. We all know about that #UVradiation is harmful to the skin, but I think we forget that UV radiation can harm the eyes too, and as a final result our vision. Excessive exposure to the solar radiation may cause photokeratitis (sunburn of the eye), cataracts or macular degeneration (vision loss) at some point in life.

A couple of years ago, a friend asked me to go #sunglasses shopping with him. I remember that he had a specific brand in mind -very expensive-, but he was also asking about how much UV protection they had. So, as a woman who loves to wear different #sunglasses every week, I asked him why he was spending so much money in just one pair of #sunglasses. “I prefer to pay less and have different styles that match my #outfits”, I told him. And here came the speech, Oh, Oh! “Brenda are you telling me that you prefer to be fashionable than protect your eyes from cataracts and vision loss?” –I forgot to mention that he is a very smart guy- I got “speechless”! You know that you can still wear trendy sunglasses and at the same time protect your eyes? Just make sure that the ones you select have enough UV protection”, he finishes.

From that day, I learned how important is to be aware of the UV protection when getting a pair of #sunglasses. I do have my #fashionable styles to wear with my #outfits and to take #pictures, I am not going to lie. But, also a beautiful pair with #UVprotection from #Riosunglasses and they are MADE IN PUERTO RICO!

Rio Sunglasses

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For more information about UV Protection visit the American Optometric Association at http://www.aoa.org

Sunnies at: www.riosunglasses.com

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