The Moisturizer Goddess!

Summer is here and your body knows it! As a #tropical girl, born in #PuertoRico, I love #summer! Why?… Because I get to wear all those beautiful dresses with flowers and fruits prints and, of course, is the perfect time to go the #beach and enjoy the #sun.

But wait! Let’s talk about body #moisturizer. My mom’s favorite word…MOISTURIZER! Since I have memory, I remember my mom telling me how important is to apply face and body moisturizer every day. -On a separate note, my mom does not look her age, and she keeps herself very up to date with new #beaty products- So, this past June I traveled to Puerto Rico to visit my family. As part of my agenda, I spent a whole day shopping with my mom and went to #Marshalls…what a huge variety of body moisturizers, OMG! It was so hard to decide which one to buy, and the budget made it more difficult. And then my mom, the “moisturizer #goddess”, told me: “Hey, Brenda! Look, this is the body moisturizer I have been hearing about lately. It is great, let’s try it”. And she bought 2 bottles of HEMPZ Herbal Body Moisturizer…one for her and one for me!

THANKS MOM for the best body moisturizer ever! From day one, I fell in love with this body lotion. It keeps my skin soft and hydrated almost 24 hours, which is perfect for the #summer time. With this hot weather, women need a good body lotion to avoid skin dehydration and aging. The best part is that mine is Age Defying and it helps to keep my body skin firm.


If you do not believe in love at first sight, I dare you to visit, browse their variety of skin care products and try one of the body moisturizers!…You will understand what I am talking about! As for now, I am planning to try their Aromatherapy Collection, woohooo!

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Links where you can find HEMPZ products: – just to browse not for ordering, or You can also visit @Marshalls

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